Types of interpretation

Interpretation is not just interpretation. The best way to render the spoken word from one language to another depends entirely on the occasion and situation. My team and I offer you our services not only as simultaneous, consecutive and chuchotage interpreters, but support you with our professional and cultural knowledge in negotiations, on business trips and trade fairs as well as in many other instances.

Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is a variant of conference interpretation. The interpreters sit in soundproof booths and render the speakers’ texts into the respective target language simultaneously, i.e. at the same time. They alternate every 20 - 30 minutes, since simultaneous interpretation is a very challenging activity, which is only possible free from errors for a limited time. It demands a constantly high level of concentration, at the same time using the auditory canal, a permanent semantic-linguistic analysis and the subsequent rendering of the spoken word.

Consecutive interpretation

Unlike in simultaneous interpretation, in consecutive interpretation the conveyance of linguistic contents is done with a time delay, directly after the presentation in the target language. The interpreter here sits or stands beside the speaker. While consecutive interpretation does not require any conference equipment, it does however extend the duration of the event by around twice the time. While for simultaneous interpretation a team of at least two interpreters is always required, consecutive interpretation is possible with only one interpreter.

Chuchotage interpretation

In chuchotage interpretation, the interpreter works with a so-called whispering equipment, a simplified form of conference equipment. He/she does not sit in a booth but merely speaks into a microphone, while the participants wear a headset and can move freely during the interpretation. Thanks to the mobility of the whispering equipment, it is suitable for events that take place while walking or standing, e. g. guided tours and plant visits.

Since no sound insulation is provided here and speakers and interpreters speak at the same time, chuchotage interpretation, unlike purely simultaneous interpretation, is only possible into one target language. The size and acoustics of the room must also be considered in this regard. As a variant of simultaneous interpretation, chuchotage interpretation normally requires two interpreters. We gladly advise you on the various possible applications.

Interpretation at negotiations

During interpretation at negotiations, shorter sections of speech are conveyed into another language with a time delay and in sections for a limited number of participants. It is normally done consecutively.

Professionals who not only have perfect control of various types of interpretation and are familiar with the respective topic, but are also trained or at least well-versed in negotiation techniques should most certainly be employed here. Above all in negotiations with many participants, the interpreter often has to act as a moderator, for example, where the sequence of the speeches are structured and weighted, but has no influence on the content of the statements. While inexperienced interpreters are inclined to take sides, professional interpreters always act impartially and are neutral to special interests, regardless of what negotiation party commissioned the interpreter.

Liaison interpretation

This type of interpretation is suitable for business trips, e. g. when initiating new business contacts abroad, at road shows or also on study trips. Multicultural competences are particularly required in this regard. Having a liaison interpreter who is familiar with the designated country as well as its society and culture normally constitutes a crucial advantage.

Interpretation at trade fairs

At trade fairs, interpreters are typically required at press conferences, product presentations, incentives and at the trade fair stand. In doing so we work both simultaneously as well as consecutively, and this depends on the requirements.

Interpreting at trade fairs is a particular challenge which should in any case be entrusted to professionals. When walking from one trade fair stand to another, the interpreter must be able to find their way, without any preparation in ever new topics, specialist areas and the corresponding terminologies. This can only be achieved by interpreters such as the members of my team, who have a particularly broad terminological range due to their many years of experience with the different sectors and institutions. Our services are therefore regularly booked for key trade fairs – among other things in Berlin, Frankfurt and Hanover –, for example for the Green Week, the International Aerospace Exhibition (ILA), the Ambiente, the International Sanitary and Heating Fair (ISH) or Paper World.

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