Information for event organisers

We would like to ensure that an event for which you require the services of one or several interpreters runs as successfully and smoothly as possible. For this, it is important to observe some legal and technical requirements about which we will inform you in the following section.


Please bear in mind that the interpreter retains his copyright for his service. The interpreter’s service is exclusively intended for hearing immediately; a recording by listeners or other persons and a transmission is not permitted without the prior consent of the interpreter concerned. 

Reading speed

If a text is intended to be read out during a conference, please make available a copy to the interpreter beforehand and point out to the speaker that the reading speed for a text to be interpreted may not exceed 100 words per minute. This corresponds to around 3 minutes for a DIN-A4 page with around 1,600 keystrokes.

Presentation of audio and video material

We only interpret the language version of presented films if we are provided with the corresponding script beforehand, the commentary is spoken at normal speed and the film soundtrack is transmitted directly to the interpreter’s headset.

Preparatory documents

Please send us a complete set of documents (programme, agenda, minutes of the last meeting, reports, glossaries etc.) in all working languages of the conference as soon as possible, but no later than 14 days before the start of the conference for the subject-specific and terminological preparation.

It is in your interest as the client to send us these documents in as comprehensive a way as possible and in good time. Otherwise, the interpreters or the team of interpreters can neither guarantee the terminological consistency in all working languages nor assume the liability for the quality of the interpreting service.

As the client, you are additionally obliged to send the interpreters a list of participants in all working languages, which shows at least the name and first name and – if significant to the conference – also the title and position of the individual participants.

Working languages and names of the interpreters must be indicated in the conference programme.

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